This year for Matthew’s birthday we went to Calypso water park. Since the weather called for rain no one went and there were no lines. In the end it rained for 30 seconds and was cloudy for half the day. It was still warm and it was great not to have to line up. This year Nat and I got to try a lot more slides and had a blast.
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Another walk in the park

Matthew holding a red belly snake


This weekend we headed over to Mud Lake Trail in Ottawa, Ontario which is about 5 minutes from our house. It isn’t our normal hiking trial and it was recommended by a co-worker to check out.

Not even in the trail and we found this little guy on the ground. Matthew seemed to be in a adventures mood that morning so I asked him if he would like to hold the red belly snake. He said yes and I immediately took some shots before he crushed it in his hands or something.


More pictures to come.