Lobster party

Well it was a great weekend. As you can see from these pictures provided by our good friend Dana. It was Matthew’s birthday party Saturday and a lobster party Sunday at Shipman’s and Moni’s place. It was fun and the food was great. Shipman finally found a wine/drink mixture that Natalie enjoyed after 7 years of searching. The lobster was great and the company was fun. It was a good end to a nice weekend. As you can see the food was a big part of the entertainment. We all had fun ripping apart our food to eat it. Except Dana who realized he could not stomach the tail of the lobster. The best part!

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Live from New York 5!

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Today Matthew got to design his very own Muppet. Although he has never seen the show and has no clue who Kermit the frog is, he had fun seeing his muppet come to life at F.A.O. Schwarz.

Live from New York 4!

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Just a couple of pictures from dinner tonight. Food has been OK but service has not been all that great. I was expecting better. As for the food we have had some great food but it has been difficult to feed Matthew.

Live from New York 3!

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Today we spent the day in Central Park. It was good for Matthew to get out of the stroller and run around for a while. We went to the Zoo and basically stayed out of what shops and stores were open. I did capture a some great pictures of Matthew making huge bubbles with a guy in the park. Have a look see ya soon!

Live from New York 2!

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Hi everyone! We just spent the morning going shopping in the rain. We visited the Apple store of 5th Ave. Then went to the Nike store which is huge. Lastly we stopped at F.A.O. Schwarz toy store which is amazing.

Matthew had his turn on the piano from the movie Big. Then he made his very own muppet that he designed. Natalie got another ferret to bring home which hopefully won’t have to visit the vet every other week. And I spent all the time throwing my credit card at the cashiers.