Gone fishing

Hey everyone. Well as you can see it has been a while since our last update. Partially I have been working on Daisy Creative Photo post as well we lost NatSteveAndFamily.ca for about two months because my register failed to send me email notifications for the renewal.

Any way it is fix. It’s been register under a new company and I will now get the notices. Mean while I have a bit of catching up to do. So check back soon.

Tonight’s enjoyment

So tonight we enjoyed the company of good friends and of course enjoyed some great wine. I have to say the Amarone was my pick of the night and was a hard to fine 2007. My second pick was the Patales and a close second was the Decoy. Actually the decoy was a pick from a while back and just rereleased this week so I picked up some more.

The Crossbarn was a fav amongst our guest as well. The Charles Chimickey both signature and reserva were great too.

Each wine was let to breath for at least ten minutes except the Amarone which was given a good 30 minutes. All these wines had great tastes to them and combined with our meal they varied in taste.


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This year for Matthew’s birthday we went to Calypso water park. Since the weather called for rain no one went and there were no lines. In the end it rained for 30 seconds and was cloudy for half the day. It was still warm and it was great not to have to line up. This year Nat and I got to try a lot more slides and had a blast.
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Another walk in the park

Matthew holding a red belly snake


This weekend we headed over to Mud Lake Trail in Ottawa, Ontario which is about 5 minutes from our house. It isn’t our normal hiking trial and it was recommended by a co-worker to check out.

Not even in the trail and we found this little guy on the ground. Matthew seemed to be in a adventures mood that morning so I asked him if he would like to hold the red belly snake. He said yes and I immediately took some shots before he crushed it in his hands or something.


More pictures to come.

Lobster party

Well it was a great weekend. As you can see from these pictures provided by our good friend Dana. It was Matthew’s birthday party Saturday and a lobster party Sunday at Shipman’s and Moni’s place. It was fun and the food was great. Shipman finally found a wine/drink mixture that Natalie enjoyed after 7 years of searching. The lobster was great and the company was fun. It was a good end to a nice weekend. As you can see the food was a big part of the entertainment. We all had fun ripping apart our food to eat it. Except Dana who realized he could not stomach the tail of the lobster. The best part!

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In the studio

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Check it out. I finally got my home studio setup and took some time to shoot the kids and Natalie. Getting to capture images like these is what really makes photography fun. Thanks to Nat I always have great words of encouragement. Without her I would have never continued or proceeded with my career change to photography. I have come a long way since my first shoots.

Thanks Natalie.