Cabo San Lucas, Mexico 2012

This years family trip is to Cabo San Lucas, Mexico located in the California Baja Peninsula. We rented a villa at the Monte Christo Estates. Man do we need a vacation! Check out the videos of the villa…

The first step is to get everyone to Montreal to catch a plane early the next morning. We decided to head down the day before and stay at the Marriott hotel right at the airport. This idea turned out to be very convenient.

The travel to get to Los Cabos was long but well worth it. We got to our villa around 7PM and it was still sunny out. So the kids hopped into the pool for a quick dip before dinner. We decided to head to the resort pool bar for dinner. We all had Mexican inspired plates and Coronas to wash it down.

The villa was beautiful. We all had great rooms and there was a private pool on the main floor and a jacuzzi on the second floor. Plus a BBQ and TVs everywhere.

The next day we were invited for a Timeshare breakfast in-order to to get some coupons for activities. We ended up with 200US$ and 50% off our activities. Worked out great. The cash paid for 2 meals, Nat and the girls went swimming with the dolphins and Richard and I went fishing. Matthew is still a bit young for activities.

The weather all week was perfect. Unfortunately a far away hurricane brought to us strong waves and made it nearly impossible to swim in the ocean on a lot of days. Still there was never a cloud in the sky. We all tanned well and enjoyed days at the pool and a few days at the beach. Unfortunately we could not get a water taxi to Lovers beach to snorkel.

Richard and I took a day to fish and caught 5 tuna and a dolphinfish or mahi-mahi. We kept 3 tuna and the mahi-mahi and had them cut up. We ate fish for the rest of the week. I think we all ate a hamburger once we got back to Canada. Still the fish was good and the fishing was fun. We have bigger goals for next time. It was a learning experience to understand how it al works.

Nat and the girls took a morning to go swim with the dolphins. They all said it was the best part of the trip. I might have to go next time. The package included a kiss, a hug, hand target, peck shake, boogie push and belly ride. Looks like fun.

The rest of our time was spent in the water. Matthew started to learn how to swim and everyone avoided getting hit by the big waves at the beach. Félicia searched for seashells, Natalie played in the waves, Alex worked on sand castles, I snorkelled, Matthew practiced swimming and Richard tanned. We all had a great time in Los Cabos and we are all looking forward to returning soon.