Go Hawks Go!

Today I went t see Alex’s first basket ball game. It was a great game as her team won 52 to 25 over St. Joseph high school. Alex played two shifts which she had a good learning experience playing team sports. Alex even had a great buzzer beater with .5 seconds left on the clock. I think if she practises and listen to her coach she will improve quickly.

Her team is now undefeated with a record of 4-0. I hope I will get to shoot more pictures of the up coming games. I to had a great learning experience as it was my first shoot of a basket ball game.

Congratulations Alex and the Hadley Hawks for your wins today! Go Hawks Go!
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Decorating the tree

Its the season once again and of course we took some time out to put up the old XMas tree. This being our first year in Kanata we had to choose a spot. Luckily Matthew’s toy room a.k.a. our living room was available with a lot of space. This years festivals should be good we are expecting the whole family and as well possible some friend will drop by to join in. All and all it will be a great holiday with family and friends.

To start the photo frenzy here are a few pictures from the tree decoration night we had the other day. Enjoy the bokeh photos too.
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Mont Tremblant

The family decided to take a weekend for some much needed R and R. It was a great weekend and I think everyone got to enjoy at least one part of it. At this time of year it is still quiet and skiing is just starting with snow making efforts on there way.

Although we didn’t ski, Matthew took the time to enjoy the snow and had a great time staying in a hotel as if it was his first time.

Both Alex and Félicia took the time to do a little shopping and indulged in some new food. Alex practiced her photography and Félicia enjoyed her time with Matthew on the slopes.
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