Let me hear you jump!!!

Hey everyone this weekend I decided to treat the kids to a trampoline. I figured it was a way for them to burn energy this summer. With that being said it also gave me an opportunity to photography so fast moving subjects. This first shot features Fish jumping into the splits. Seems to me a favourite move.






Alex took sometime off her iPad to join in on the jumping. This one I think is her attempt at maximum height. I am hopping to create a better gallery of shots as the summer progresses. For the first time out I just wanted to show the kids having fun.







As you can see a trampoline can be a blast even for the little ones. Matthew hasn’t stopped since I put it together. and skipped a nape to stay on it all afternoon. Of course his bag of tricks is limited to simple jumping but as long as he is outside enjoy the sun and playing I am all good with that.