Thanksgiving 2010

Thanksgiving TableThis year we hosted Thanksgiving at our home for our friends Steve and Moni, Yolande, my mom and of course the kids.

This year I cooked a pumpkin soup, and herbed boneless turkey breast with a verity of side dishes. My mom and Steve provided some great wines and for desert a home made pumpkin cake.

I think everyone enjoyed themselves and from what I heard the food was good. Thanks to everyone who helped out with the clean up.

Check out the pics here.

Happy Birthday Félicia

Blowing out the candlesHappy 9th Birthday Félicia. This weekend Félicia celebrated her 9th birthday. After this one it is all double digits.

Enjoying the celebration with her and her family were her two friends Skylar and Olivia two girls in her class at school. After playing in and outside for a bit the kids enjoyed a requested meal of spaghetti. Then a tinker bell decorated cake followed by opening gifts and a movie.

Skylar spent the night over and her and Félicia spent the rest of the night talking and giggle all night long, but they weren’t tired in the morning at they were up around 8AM.

All and all it was fun the girld had a good time and the Félicia was happy. Here is a link to the gallery of pictures.

Pumpkin Picking 2010

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It is that time a year again and you know what that means. Natalie has already started think about Halloween. So we decided to get together with some friends and pick pumpkins at a near by farmers field.

Getting to the pumpkin patch was fun riding in the back of a tractor. Of course Matthew’s fascination with the tractor almost got him run over.

As you can see it was all about the kids. For some reason when kids get to do something by themselves they and we just seem to enjoy it more. For Thea and Matthew it is about how strong they can be lifting the big pumpkins up. I think Thea won.

Even Thea’s mom found here perfect pumpkin.

Ultimately it was Dana who found the best pumpkin out in the distance.