Happy Birthday Natalie!

Today is Nat’s birthday. I just wanted to wish her an amazing day and thank her for not being mad at me for having to attend class on her day. I hope you enjoyed the weeked birthday I gave you instead.

Alexandra, Félicia and Matthew all wish you a happy b-day too!!!

Love ya a lot.


Hey everyone;

Just wanted to send out a thanks to everyone for their kind thoughts, donations and attending my days services. From all of my family we thank you.

It was actually nice to see a lot people I don’t regularly see. It is funny how that works eh? Any way I saw some cousins and relatives I don’t get to see too often and it made the unfortunate occasion a bit better and easier to bare.


Hi everyone;

Welcome to our new site. Over the next few weeks I will be updating our site to this new format which is a WordPress package.

Soon I will have blogs for the kids to start and you can link to photo albums to know when new pictures of them come in.

Please stay tune for the exciting new site.

Bye for now.


My good bye

Well as many of you already know my dad died recently. This week I attend the funeral and was happy to see many people turn out to pay their respects.

At the end of the funeral the priest ask if anyone would like to say a few words. After a bit of thought, I stood up and took the opportunity to say something about my dad. I spoke of how my dad reminded me of Archie Bunker and Don Cherry. How my dad spoke in a way very few people understood. Most of all I spoke of how my dad and I related being that we are very different in soo many ways.

My dad and I both love hockey. He was a great player in his day and I still play today. But still in hockey we were a bit different too. He was a forward and I play defence. This made our post game reviews very interesting. I see the game from where it broke down or who stood out and made key defensive moves. He saw who didn’t do their job in front of the net at the offensive end.

The funny thing was we always agreed to put Canadian teams first and knew that it was true hockey is Canada’s game. 

Watching hockey hasn’t felt the same since Canada won the Gold medal and I realized I could not call him to talk about it. I would have like to have sent him videos of my son Matthew jumping up and down in front of the TV or doing one timers in the kitchen. Nope it just won’t be the same.  

The funny thing was I never even thought about it till that goal went in and I thought to call him. It was then I realized how we related over the years.

The other night I tried to watch a game and I had a hard time. I found myself watch otter crap instead. But the next game came and although I had a long week and was super tired, I stayed up till 1:00AM to see the habs loose. It was a bit better.

It will never be the same.

Good bye dad!